R-P.Net E-mail Aliases


I can provide an e-mail address for you with the domain name r-p.net. These addresses are really aliases for an existing account that you have. What my domain server does is to simply forward the message to your account. It allows you to have what I think is a "neat" address. It will be permanent, assuming that I maintain the domain name and that MY provider continues to give this service.

If you accept this offer and then want to have your e-mail system show the new @r-p.net address appear as the return address on your outgoing messages, you will need to change your "identity" in the browser. In Netscape you edit>preferences>mail>identity and change the e-mail address. Make sure you are not changing the server info, but only identity.

If you are using Hotmail or other network based e-mail system, the only way to show the r-p.net return address seems to be to use a signature block that contains (without any spaces): mailto:yourname@r-p.net.  When clicked, this brings up your e-mail composer.  Unfortunately, the reply field in your outgoing message will still show the e-mail account associated with the actual machine you are using.

You can continue to use your actual address if you wish even when the alias exists.


Get alias@r-p.net